McLaren to launch 15 new cars by 2022

Great news for all you supercar fans out there, as McLaren has just revealed its plans to introduce 15 new models in the next six years.

McLaren is arguably one of the UK’s most renowned carmakers. Having been around for a while, it has proven itself to be a serious contender throughout the years, by continuously introducing vehicles that showcase great designs and offer incredible power.

Well, in case you were worried, the brand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as today it has revealed its plans to introduce 15 new models by 2022.

That’s right, 15 new cars are expected to be launched by McLaren in the next six years, including track specials, hybrids and the anticipated replacement of the McLaren 650S.

It’s not unusual for brands to reveal their plans for the future, but it’s not every day a big manufacturers releases a statement confirming it is working on 15 new cars.

Although, much hasn’t been revealed about the cars the new vehicles to offer the same level of power that McLaren is so well known for.

Considering, most cars produced by the brand are quite high-end and exclusive, we wouldn’t expect the new models to be any different.

By starting out in the world of racing, the brand was already well-established by the time it began manufacturing production vehicles. Although, most are still rather extreme, and inspired by the brands track-only cars, most are so much more than just that.

Until more information is released, we won’t know for sure what exactly the brand has in store for us, but considering its past we can definitely expect something truly spectacular and one of a kind.

The future looks bright for McLaren. It’s still popular today, even after all those years in the business, which proves that it knows exactly what it’s doing.

We can’t wait to see what the brand has in store for us next.

What are your thoughts on the announcement? Are you excited for the new McLaren cars? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to return shortly for more news from Money4Car.

McLaren to launch 15 new cars by 2022
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McLaren to launch 15 new cars by 2022
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