Dieselgate scandal: 10 months on

Although, it might seem like only yesterday the news broke on the Dieselgate scandal, in reality it’s been ten months. Even though, most of us have already forgotten the scandal ever happened, new developments are still emerging, on a regular basis.

Today, it was revealed that Matthias Muller and Martin Winterkorn, the former and current chairmen of the Volkswagen Group, are being accused of knowing about the emissions cheating, and purposely covering it up.

If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on here’s a little recap. Back in September 2015, it came to light that Volkswagen has been using a special software to cheat official diesel emissions tests. Due to that, millions of affected cars had to be recalled in order to correct the fault. Although, the brand offered compensation to some US owners of affected cars, UK customers were told that they won’t be getting anything.

The last ten months have been rather tough and difficult for Volkswagen. Regaining its customers’ trust seemed to be the brand’s main focus, and although it has experienced a slight drop in sales, overall Volkswagen managed to get out of it soon after.

Investigations are still underway, and governments from countries such as the UK are pressuring the brand to offer some sort of compensation to all the affected customers. As time progresses, it’s becoming less likely that UK owners of affected vehicles will get any form of compensation.

Even though, the scandal as a whole had a huge impact on the brand, and its reputation in particular, Volkswagen didn’t let that stop it from continuing to work on its vehicles.

Ten months on and the scandal is still making headlines, with many calling it the biggest scandal the automotive industry has ever seen.

It’s not clear at the moment what the future holds for Volkswagen, but with these new allegations coming to light, we are likely not going to find out any time soon.

For now, Dieselgate remains a hot topic of conversation, so until we find out more, we shouldn’t speculate or come to any conclusions.

What are your thoughts on the Dieselgate scandal? Are you happy with the way it has been handled, or do you think Volkswagen could’ve done more? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and return shortly for all the latest from the automotive industry and the world of car finance.

Dieselgate scandal: 10 months on
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Dieselgate scandal: 10 months on
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